Validation Using Closures

If you only need the functionality of a custom rule once throughout your application, you may use a Closure instead of a rule object.

Get the timezone name in JavaScript

You can easily get the timezone name in JavaScript this way.

Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().timeZone // "Europe/Kiev"

Extremely useful stuff. No need to use any 3rd party libraries!

User::find([1,2,3], ['name'])

You can use find() method on Eloquent model not only for finding a single model with all fields.

explode() function accepts more than two parameters

Third parameter is limit.

If limit is set and positive, the returned array will contain a maximum of limit elements with the last element containing the rest of string.

If the limit parameter is negative, all components except the last -limit are returned.

If the limit parameter is zero, then this is treated as 1.